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2nd EAI International Conference on IoT as a Service

October 26–27, 2015 | Rome, Italy

IoTaaS 2015

Monday (October 26, 2015) - Keynote & Technical Sessions




1st Keynote Speaker  - Gabi Zodik (IBM): Future Directions in Mobile, IoT and Wearable enterprise computing


Session 1: IoT Architectures

Managing Connected Smart Objects, Cork Institute of Technology


Coffee Break


  • Configurable Role Based Concrete Architecture Layers - Constituting Business Process Aware Internet-of-Things Services’ Reference Architecture,  Wipro Technologies, Vikas S Shah
  • Wi-Suite: Tools and Services for Managing IoT Infrastructures,  Cork Institute of Technology, Alan McGibney and Susan Rea
    Nimbus Centre, Rossa Avenue, Bishopstown, Cork, Ireland
  • Lightweight device task actuation framework, Tata Consultancy Services,Dhiman Chattopadhyay, Abinash Samantaray, and Hari Raghav
  • COMPOSE - an IoT platform, IBM Research





  • Networked Smart Objects: Moving Data Processing Closer to the Source, University of Insubria, Alessandra Rizzardi, Daniele Miorandi, Sabrina Sicari, Cinzia Cappiello, and Alberto Coen-Porisini


Session 2: Semantics & use cases             

  • Automated Workflow Formation for IoT Analytics: A Case study, Tata Consultancy Services,T. Chattopadhyay, Avik Ghose, Arijit Mukherjee, Santa Maiti, Arpan Pal


Coffee Break


  • On integrating heterogeneous location services, Kobe University, Hiroki Takatsuka, Sachio Saiki, Shinsuke Matsumoto, and Masahide Nakamura
  • A Semantic Algorithm Repository and Workflow Designer Tool: Signal Processing Use Case, Tata Consultancy Services, Sounak Dey, Dibyanshu Jaiswal, Himadri Sekhar Paul, and Arijit Mukherjee
  • Biotelemetry System for Remote Monitoring of Cardiac Signals and Temperature using Social Networks, Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Melissa Montalvo, Andrea García, Julio Montesdeoca and René Ávila


 End of first day



Tuesday (October 27, 2015) - IoT360 Summit




Keynote Speakers


Coffee Break


2nd Keynote Speaker -  Alfeo Pareschi, Chief Strategy Officer, Axiros:  IoT platforms: Security, Identity Management, Ontologies and Interoperability


Invited Talk - Afonso Ferreira, Trust & Security Unit, European Commission: IoT Research and Innovation in the European Commission


Session 3: IoT Security / Privacy & Testing

  • IoT Testing - The Big Challenge, Why , What & How, Qualitest, Benny Sand




  • Data centric Security for IoT, University of Passau, Daniel Schreckling, Juan David Parra, Charalampos Doukas, and Joachim Posegga


  • Privacy Aware On­Demand Resource Provisioning for IoT Data Processing,  STFC, Tom Kirkham, Arnab Sinha, Nikos Parlavantzas, Bartosz Kryza, Paul Fremantle , Kyriakos Kritikos, Benjamin Aziz


Coffee Break



Legal issues accruing from use of IoT, inform about existing and "future" legislation.



Too many standards for IoT?